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Changzhou jiaodian machinery Co., Ltd. is located in changzhou Wujin District Hutang Town North miao bridge village.  The company was founded in 2007, specializing in mold design and manufacturing, mechanical equipment, spare parts design and manufacturing, plastic parts production related supporting services.  


Concept to Completion

Our experienced designersapply creative solutions toeven the most challengingdesign manufacturing problems.

We build our quality precisionmolds with the intent to lastfor the life of your project andour tool warranty reinforces that commitment.

Our fully automated facilityhouses 125 presses with arange of 46-720 tons andruns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Get quality machined parts fast and with cost-efficient pricing to meet all of your project needs.Want machined parts tomorrow? We got you. Not ina rush? Try our flexible manufacturing option to loweryour overall cost. Choose from quick-turn machiningin as fast as 1 day or get parts in 7-18 days for reducedpricing.


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The company has 15 precision injection molding machines, large rocker drill for mold assembly, precision edM machine for mold manufacturing, ordinary precision milling machine, lathe grinding machine and other production lines, the company has 20 employees, equipped with professional and technical personnel and quality management personnel 5.  

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As a leader in the injection molding industry, KYOTO Machinery has a full range of injection molding machines from small to super large models. Our machines are both energy efficient and space saving.

Special molding machine
Vertical injection molding machine
lnjection press molding machine
Horizontal injection molding machine
lnjection press molding machine
Multi-color injection molding machine

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